The Seattle Library Has a Lot to Offer!

Creative minds at work-coloring their BoomerangsFew things are truly free anymore. Most require you to buy one to get one free, join a club, or even exchange something to get a” free” item. The last remaining place that offers relics items that are actually free, without any strings attached is the public library. The library is a public place that is welcoming to everyone, from every walk of life. The Seattle Library is a place where you can do so much more than read books.

Modern libraries aren’t places that have dusty books and relics. Libraries aren’t the depressing, dusty, or silent places they once were. Most libraries now are very modern and offer very fast free Wi-Fi , e-books, DVDs, CDs, MP3s and computers. While there are still print books available, you can now check out books on your iPad, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. Continue reading


Support Your Community by Supporting Your Library

One World, Many Stories Summer Reading Program Success! | Fargo Public ...Libraries are a vital part of the community. A library is the local hub of literature and writing. These are two necessary components of having a successful life in this country. Without knowing how to read and write it can be difficult to find any sort of job much less anything that pays well or is enjoyable. Writing can be a great creative outlet and reading can not only be a great way to learn about the world but it is a great way to escape and find entertainment. Therefor it is important to support your local library.

Libraries offer summer reading programs for kids. These often include reading to younger children plus presentations and suggested reading for older kids. There is usually help for adults who do not read well also. Those who do not have internet can come to the library and use a computer for a short time. This can help those who are job seeking. Libraries sometimes have book sales where you can get old books cheap. You might be able to find a book club through your local library as well. Some enjoy going to the library in the morning to read the local or national newspapers in the quiet and relaxed atmosphere with the added benefit of not having to buy the paper.

Many people find solace in reading and writing. Continue reading